We envision a universe of enabling companies with desired goals, yet the operating system is dysfunctional or needs to be tweaked. Where the leadership is capable yet needs to be encouraged. Where the plan is proficient just needs to be primed. We believe our capabilities will bring a win-win strategy to every company.




Pequest Capital Advisors (“Pequest”), headquartered in Buttzville, New Jersey, along the famous trout stream that bears its name, provides informed financial counsel and investment banking services to the oil and gas energy industry. From public companies to emerging growth companies and family-owned businesses, Pequest’s mission is to assist companies conceptualize and implement transforming financial and market strategies in today’s highly competitive, often mercurial, business environment.
Whether engaged to develop a comprehensive acquisition strategy, divestitures, sell small niche upstream technology or seek capital for improving a lease portfolio, we are aware our assignments demand focused market experience, common sense and careful execution.
Pequest has worked with both large/small companies and investors to conceptualize and execute key business strategies. Our clients expect that we will balance their immediate business needs with their long-term strategic interests. We recognize that strategies to maximize business performance must also protect and enhance the client’s equity. We understand that it is critical that our clients are fully apprised of emerging market trends, as well as the financial climate in which their business and strategic initiatives are conducted.