STRATEGIC PLANNING-Crafting a plan to take you there


 Pequest Capital is often engaged to conduct comprehensive acquisition programs on behalf of its clients. These engagements, typically initiated by the client’s CEO, commence with an analysis of the strategic options facing a company. When it is sufficiently determined that growth via acquisitions is the best strategy (a process which Pequest Capital sometimes spearheads but always participates in), Pequest Capital commences a thorough evaluation of the target company and its competitive structure. Pequest gets inside the industry in question, develop profiles of the key players. and industry dynamics. All the players are identified, both public and private, and a detailed competitive database is built. We help our clients develop a working acquisition screen that is then applied to the database to identify promising candidates. The screened candidates are ranked by acquisition selection criteria and a strategy for approaching potential candidates is carefully devised.

​Rarely are target companies for sale. It is necessary to make a compelling case to a target company as to why a relationship with our client is in their best long-term interest. Pequest Capital manages the initial approach with great care and patience and brings the target company to the table with realistic enthusiasm for further discussions. Having convinced our targets of the wisdom of an alliance, Pequest Capital develops the presentation as well as the comprehensive negotiations that follow. Pequest Capital coordinates all aspects of the negotiation process right through to close and typically assists the client in creation of a comprehensive post-acquisition transition. 

 Corporate Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
Often acquisitions or divestitures are not appropriate to a client’s near term strategic plan. Whether establishing an alliance between longtime rivals or crafting a partnership.  Pequest Capital is dedicated to structuring alliances and/or partnerships that work.
Unlike many consultants/ investment bankers, Pequest Capital is widely experienced in identifying, structuring and closing appropriate strategic alliances for our clients. We focus our attention in these assignments on finding the right partners for our clients, and working to insure that the alliance or joint venture is coherent and fully integrated. Joint ventures or strategic alliances will often involve a number of non-financial factors: they could serve the interests of the client’s worldwide business, they could offer future market opportunities not immediately available to Pequest Capital’s client, they could even provide the client’s management with an opportunity for professional development (i.e. working with another company of equal energy or stature). Frequently such transactions are driven by a strategic plan that Pequest Capital has also helped develop for its client.
We structure partnerships with a practical eye towards accurately measuring management capability and culture, anticipating unexpected changes in market and/or partner expectations. We even involve ourselves in business development and its relationship to overall corporate strategy.




Due Diligence

Whether facilitating a divestiture or acquisition assignment, Pequest Capital conducts an aggressive due diligence process to ensure our clients' crucial information needs are met. Whether for an acquisition candidate, divestiture or strategic advisory transaction, Pequest Capital’s due diligence and management review process provides a disciplined gathering, analysis and assessment of critical company data. We provide a turnkey assessment that covers all the major organizational functions.  

Pequest Capital spearheads the process of gathering information with a proprietary list of customized questions for each functional area. We interact with all aspects of the clients business professionals and we coordinate this effort in the least disruptive manner possible. Pequest Capital oversees the comprehensive logistics related to the due diligence process including point-of-contact, schedules, meeting agendas, documentation discovery, tracking and dissemination. We work with our clients to assess and filter the data, collaborate findings, and identify key areas of concern that require further due diligence. This information might also form the basis for a transition plan in the event the transaction proceeds.