Existing Projects


  • $32.3 million Rocky Mountain ($92.3 million total valuation) partial working interest asset sale in the Piceance and Uintah Basins.
  • Currently seeking joint venture partner for Niobrara development as well as setting up a large drilling fund program in Colorado.
  • ​We are in process of acquiring leases on an old oil  field which was developed more than 80 years ago. For reasons we can demonstrate, we can show that only between 3 - 5% of OOIP was recovered.  We believe we can recovery another 60 -85 million barrels through primary  and secondary recovery drilling all new wells. 


  • Texas production unit flowing in excess of 800 BPD needs to  have the two wells reworked to bring back ON STREAM
  •  Louisiana production unit producing from shallower zone  has multi additional zones deeper based on logs with workover needed on shallow      zone to improve production level back to prior levels.
  • Rocky Mountains unit with established production from  shallower  zone resource reservoir located in the gas condensate area of the  deeper resource zone.
  • Proprietary 3D seismic shoot in Texas has established more than 25 prospects and many more leads currently being developed.
  • Unconventional Texas resource play with multiple leads and prospects.
  • RETAINED BY Australian E&P  to acquire USA production
  • Retained by private US E&P to raise capital for waterflood projects
  • Partnered with H2Oil and Crestview for redevelopment and secondary recovery of 300mm OOIP in mid-continent USA
  • working on secondary recovery of 20mm barrels of oil in North Texas